The latest version of Zano’s ground-breaking ZGRIDLED+ is now available. We’ve updated our software, to deliver the best standard of dimming on every good quality LED installation. It’s now compatible with a wider range of lamps from numerous brands, providing a flicker-free and silent solution to single point LED dimming.

Top 3 on the job solutions

Ensuite bathroom

The ZGRIDLED+ is perfect for small spaces, such as an ensuite bathroom or walk-in closet, where you may only need a few lamps on a single circuit. ZGRIDLED+ can support as little as 5W without flicker and drop-out.

Sitting Room

With no lamp limit, ZGRIDLED+ is an easy to install dimming solution for sitting rooms, or any room that requires single point dimming on a number of a low-energy lamps. With a maximum wattage of 250W, it’s great for controlling a combination of LED downlights and an LED feature light on a single circuit.

Feature lighting

Our brand new learn and adapt technology makes ZGRIDLED+ a great way to dim LED feature lights, such as a chandelier or multi light pendant, or even retro styled LED filament wall sconces.


ZGRIDLED+ is a versatile digital dimmer that supports 5-250W, with no lamp restriction: just use as many lamps as needed within the 5-250W range.With integrated Learn & Adapt technology, 9 Grid Adapters in each pack and Zano’s usual smart settings built into the technology, ZGRIDLED+ is a simple, easy-to-install solution perfect for any 5-250W LED installation where only one control point is needed.

Vital Statistics

  • Flicker-free & silent
  • Four smart settings
  • Learns and adapts
  • Supports 10> lamps
  • Easy-Fit Installation
  • 9 grid adapter
  • 5-250W range