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Our brand new ZGRIDLED150 is here, and it’s a problem solving dimmer with a perfect price tag. Here are just three projects that ZGRIDLED150 is perfect for…

Small spaces, low loads

With its 0-150W range, ZGRIDLED150 is the perfect dimmer to install in small spaces to dim those hard-to-reach low loads. With no minimum wattage, ZGRIDLED150 can cope with even just a couple of LED spotlights in a walk in wardrobe, ensuite bathroom or study.

New builds and large scale renovations

It’s simple, effective – and it won’t break the bank. As such, ZGRIDLED150 is a great all-round LED to buy in bulk for new build housing or council renovations. It’s also compatible with a wide range of quality LED lamps, making it a good dimmer to keep on the van for almost any project.

Problem projects

LED dimming should be so simple, but it often creates an unexpected challenge for contractors. Zano products are known for solving problematic LED installs where other dimmers have failed – and the ZGRIDLED150 is no different. We’ve built our very latest LED dimming technology into the ZGRIDLED150, and with our exclusive Smart Settings included as standard it really is the most effective and reliable LED dimmer on the market.

If it is module dimming you're looking for, our brand new ZMO150 is another versatile 0-150W dimmer, suitable for a range of projects.

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