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Thanks to the launch of our ZSMARTLED this month, 3 way dimming can now be as easy as installing a standard dimmer. One ‘master’ and up to two ‘slaves’ can be installed on any 5-120W LED circuit, giving the end user full control of their LED lighting from each control point. What’s more, there’s no messy re-wiring: ZSMARTLED connects straight to 3-core and earth wiring.

Here are just three places you could install this versatile new LED dimmer:

Staircase and hallway

Install three rotary control points – by the front door, on the upstairs landing and by the master bedroom door – for full dimming capability from each location.


The ZSMARTLED fits straight to T&E wiring, making it perfect for a bedroom redecoration or retro-fit project. Fit one ‘master’ controller by the door and your two additional rotary control on either side of the bed.


ZSMARTLED is also a perfect solution for small commercial spaces, such as a café or restaurant. Fit control points at three locations convenient for staff; for example, one ‘master’ behind the counter, and a ‘slave’ at the entrance and by the kitchen.