Sparky’s Corner: Robert Boyles Modern Earth Electrical

Last month, Team Zano visited CEF Live to showcase our latest products and meet electricians. While there we spoke to Robert Boyles, from Modern Earth Electrical on the Isle of Man, to hear his views on the electrical industry.

How long have you been in the industry?

Since I was 16 years old, so the best part of 14 - 15 years now.

How have you seen the electrical industry change and innovate?           

It’s a bit of a rollercoaster isn’t it, innovation? Technology is so quickly changing and evolving these days, and for me it’s very exciting to see everything change and progress. I think it’s good to embrace that.

How do you keep up with all the latest technical advances and new products?

Coming to events like this one, speaking to other trades people, seeing what’s out there and finding out what’s fresh in the industry. My customers are a good source of information, too. They see something they want to install in their homes and my job is to go away, research it, design around it and create a solution to implement it.

Do you have a specialist subject when it comes to electrical?   

At Modern Earth we do a full range of installations from domestic through commercial to industrial. I would like to be more involved with home automation systems – it’s knowing where to jump in.

When it comes to LED, do you find that compatibility can still be a struggle?

It is. I was speaking to your CEO Mark [Lewin] about LED lighting and the dimming problems they’ve encountered, and I think it will be an ongoing challenge for the companies designing these systems to stay ahead, but I think we’re definitely getting there. It’s down to research, and seeing what systems works best for different areas.

Finally, what’s your favourite job?

If we can get into any new build installation. That is what I really love in this job. We can put our name to the whole installation and working closely with the client to give them what they want. It gives me great pride to see it from the start, putting that first hole in the timber, fitting the first wires in neatly, to completing the job and switching it all on and seeing it work. There’s nothing better than putting your name to a whole design and installation.