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Multi-point, 2-way and intermediate…whatever you call it, dimming an LED installation from more than one control point can seem complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

What is 2-way and intermediate dimming?

2-way and intermediate dimming gives you full dimming control from multiple points on a single circuit. It’s great for bedrooms, hallways, or open plan kitchen/diners, as well as a whole host of commercial applications.

Why is it difficult?

It isn’t, but it used to be. Multi-point dimming on LED circuits was once restricted to either; a fully dimmable rotary controller with several secondary on/off control points, or: an expensive bespoke dimmer for more flexible control.  Fortunately, that’s no longer the case…

The solution: ZBARLED

Zano’s ZBARLED remote dimming pack and rotary controllers allow you to install full dimming capability from up to 30 control points on a single circuit. It’s available as a 0-300W, 0-1000W or 1-10V version, straight from the shelf: no bespoke technology required.

Even better, it’s affordable and easy to install.

-          Connects to T&E

-          Flicker-Free and Silent

-          LED, CFL, LV & Tungsten

-          0-300W, 0-1000W or 1-10V Versions

Find out what ZBARLED you need for your next LED project. Use our interactive product finder to get the right dimmer delivered straight to your door, or pick up from your local wholesale branch.