The Zano team have been busier than ever this year, finding new ways to make LED dimming as simple, effective and reliable as possible. We look back on our achievements of the year, from 3-way dimming to a testing room breakthrough.

ZSMARTLED changes the game for LED installers

For years, contractors have had to turn down a simple client request: “can I dim from three points?” It seemed like such a small ask, yet having full dimming control from even just two rotary controllers on a single circuit was once the preserve of expensive bespoke solutions that most homeowners couldn’t afford.

That changed with our ZBAR dimming packs, which allowed anyone to fit up to 32 controllers on a 0-300W or 0-1000W circuit. This June, we simplified the process even further.

Enter ZSMARTLED, the only way to install 3-way dimming straight off the shelf: no dimming pack, no re-wire*, no complicated kit. ZSMARTLED can be fitted straight to 3-core and earth, enabling contractors to retrofit 3-way dimming in homes, hotels and offices across the UK.

Find out more about the ZSMARTLED here.

Zano brought affordable, effective LED dimming to the market

Two dimmers, same revolutionary software. October saw the launch of the ZMO150 and ZGRIDLED150, two dimmers that brought flawless 0-150W dimming to the masses with our best technology, at our lowest price.

Zano’s commitment to product development has always placed the brand at the head of the curve when it comes to technical innovation, but with the creation of the ZMO150 and ZGRIDLED150, that innovation became available to a wider range of projects thanks to our best prices to date.

Find out more about the ZM0150 and the ZGRIDLED150.

Flicker gets technical

For a long time, visible flicker has been a problem with LEDs, both due to ineffectual Triac dimmers and poor-quality LED drivers. Yet testing for flicker hasn’t always been easy. Yes, some flicker is immediately obvious – such as the strobe effect achieved (though never intentionally) when an LED is paired with a Triac dimmer and set to a low level - but flicker that isn’t plainly visible to the naked eye can also have an effect on us.

A slight flicker in an office lighting system, for instance, might not be obvious to a visitor, but to a worker typing under those lights for an hour, a day, a week, that flicker can start to cause problems ranging from eye strain to headaches.

We’ve set out to banish harmful flicker for good, working on several technical solutions to measure and eradicate flicker from lighting installations. Watch this space next year for more exciting news from our testing room.


*With 3 core and earth wiring in place

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