Our Mission

As a highly experienced lighting technician frustrated by the limited products available for LED's, our founder Mark Lewin determined to provide a solution. In 2010 he recruited a team of specialists who shared his passion for evolving energy efficiant lighting with controls that offer the same beautiful experience as traditional lamps. Zano Controls was born. A year later, the firm inherited 30 years of experience with the aquisition of esteemed Richmond Lighting. 

After extensive trials and research our experts rejected ineffective traditional components. A new mission began to find a smarter way to control the complex nature of modern lamps. The answer lay in digital technology. A unique new circuit board was created, programmed with intelligent responses specifically designed to address the differing ways in which LED loads behave. It worked: the first flicker-free and silent dimmer for LED lamps was invented.

The lighting industry took note, and the new ZGRIDLED was Highly Commended at the Lighting Design Awards and voted Top Product by readers of Professional Electrician Magazine. Shortly after, the launch of the ZBAR remote dimming packs also secured a Professional Electrician Top Product Award. With the same intelligent sortware as it's cousin, this pioneering product also enables two-way and intermediate dimming with one simple kit, a first for the industry. Now it's possible to use more than one rotary controller on the same circuit, and even combine dimmers for larger loads on commercial projects. Flicker-free, silent, versatile and a very competitive alternative to the competition, our ZBARs have proved one of the most popular new products yet.

Ever evolving, and attentive to the growing needs of our clients we continue to expand our product portfolio at a rapid rate. With another three launches under our belt we are now firmly established as industry leaders in LED lighting controls. With our growing team we continue the quest to invest in both improving and inventing the the tools you need to install beautiful, economical lighting, and we're proud to be the professional's choice for LED dimming.