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Next Generation 0-150W dimming

  • Flicker-free and silent
  • Available in black or white
  • Plastic, polished chrome or stainless steel knob
  • 9 grid adapters in every pack
  • Not limited to 10 lamps

Introducing the next generation in LED dimming: ZGRIDLED150.

The newest member of our award-winning range of Zano LED dimmers, ZGRIDLED150 brings our most innovative LED dimming technology to a single point grid dimmer – at our lowest price yet.

Delivering flicker-free and silent dimming on 0-150W LED installations, ZGRIDLED150 is a compatible, versatile grid dimmer. As with every product in the Zano LED family, each ZGRIDLED150 comes with 9 grid adapters and includes all of Zano’s popular problem-solving features:

Smart Settings

Simple to programme and designed not to revert back to programming mode once installed, Smart Settings remove those LED frustrations that impact on user experience and result in unnecessary call outs. Simply set the minimum level, start level and boost level to eliminate dead travel and ensure flicker-free and silent dimming every time.

Learn and Adapt  

Exclusive to Zano, this brand new feature allows the ZGRIDLED150 to learn the circuit’s load and adapt accordingly, to support an even greater number of lamps per circuit.

Easy-Fit installation                     

Increased terminal size, a larger control knob and a smaller, streamlined module make fitting the ZGRIDLED150 simple, reducing installation time and impact on site.

On the Job: where to install ZGRIDLED150

ZGRIDLED150 is a versatile product, brilliant for contractors to keep in their toolkit for a wide range of single-point dimming projects. Starting at 0W, it’s perfect for low-loads such as those in small kitchens, hallways and closets. However, as it’s not limited to 10 lamps, contractors can comfortably utilise the full 150W range, making it perfect for larger rooms and small commercial.

Part of the Zano LED Family

The Zano LED family of dimmers now has the widest range on the market, offering LED dimming products that support between 0W and 250W. It joins the award-winning ZGRIDLED+, our advanced 5-250W single-point dimmer, and the ZLINELED, our popular, easy-to-install 5-120W/5-250W plate mounted dimmer.

To find out more about Zano’s problem solving technology, including where to buy and FAQs, visit www.zanocontrols.co.uk