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News from the Zano Team

Adding multi-point LED dimming to your lighting projects has never been easier with the ZSMARTLED. The team at Zano Controls tell you why.

ZSMARTLED: a revolution in multi-point dimming
Multi-point LED dimming. 2 and 3-way dimming, or 2-way and intermediate dim... Read More

Still think that multi-point dimming is awkward, expensive, and complicated to install? We break down some of the myths around multi-point dimming to prove that

LED multi-point dimming myths: busted
Still think that multi-point dimming is awkward, expensive, and complicated... Read More

Converting 18th century chandeliers to LED, creating tailored lighting systems (without the bespoke kit) and ditching flicker and buzz – find out how Zano’s

Site problems solved: 3 projects saved by Zano’s multi-point products
Converting 18th century chandeliers to LED, creating tailored lighting... Read More

Answering electrician's LED dimming questions around power factors, inrush and wattage calculation

Getting technical: your questions answered
Let’s face it: some of the technical aspects of LED aren’t easy... Read More

In the ring: Zano vs The Competition
If you want flicker-free, silent and reliable LED dimming, Zano dimmers are... Read More

The best everyday dimmer for the job
Looking for a grid or module dimmer, it’s not hard to become overwhel... Read More

Inrush is a big headache for LED installers. We answer your questions on what problems it causes and how to solve them

Your questions answered: LED dos and don’ts
Our technical team have been taking over social media to answer your LED in... Read More

A poor quality lamp can disrupt LED dimming. Here's how we test for unseen technical problems to make sure your install works effectively.

What really makes a lamp dimmable?
How many times have you bought a dimmable LED only to discover on install t... Read More

Tech problems SOLVED
This week, we’re putting the spotlight on technical issues faced by e... Read More