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News from the Zano Team

Think LED panels, strip lighting and tape can’t be dimmed as easily as your standard LED GU10? They can, and here’s Zano to show you how.

How to dim LED panels, LED strip lighting and LED tape
There’s a lot of hearsay across the electrical industry that suggests... Read More

Zano Controls explain the most common reasons LED dimming issues faced by installers and how to fix them.

Common LED dimming issues and how to fix them
LED dimming – doesn't sound that complicated, right?  Well, it ... Read More

Multi-point LED dimming used to be complicated and expensive, but now it’s simple and easy.

Can you dim LED from multiple points? 
The short answer is ‘yes’.   The next question is ... Read More

We explain how the ZBARLED remote dimming pack can help architects and lighting designers with their big lighting control projects.

How ZBARLED can help lighting designers and architects
The ZBARLED is known far and wide in the installer world as the ‘get ... Read More

Zano Controls explore 5 key reasons why electrical installers should use a grid LED dimmer on their lighting projects.

5 reasons you should choose a grid dimmer for your lighting projects
Grid dimmers provide installers with a versatile way of adding lighting con... Read More

Case study: Everyday Electrical talks to Zano Controls about a project where the ZGRIDLED150 was used to provide flicker-free and silent dimming control.

Case Study: lighting design scheme for a new build project
James Kirk of Everyday Electrical talks to Zano Controls about a recent pro... Read More

The Zano Controls tech team talk us through the answer to a question they regularly get asked by installers of their ZSMARTLED multi-point dimming kit.

Tech Call 101: why do my LED lights come on at different levels?
Upgrading from 3-way switching to 3-point dimming is a piece of cake with Z... Read More

To get the best possible dimming experience when using GU10 LEDs, Zano Controls share the top 3 golden rules to follow.

Tech Call 101: how to dim GU10 LEDs
GU10s are a great choice for spotlights and downlights – but it can b... Read More

Not sure which dimmer is right for the job? Zano Controls has you covered. We explain the steps you need to take to choose the right dimmer for your LED project

How to select the right LED dimmer for your lighting project
Not sure which dimmer is right for the job? Zano Controls has you covered. ... Read More