From 0-150W single point to 0-1000W multi point, we have everything you need to dim LED - at prices you’ll love. This month, we shine a spotlight on our NEW 0-150W range.

Last year was a landmark for Zano Controls, as we brought our best LED dimming technology to the market at our lowest ever prices.

Flicker-free, silent, easy to install and fitted with exclusive Smart Settings, our made-for-LED dimmers are still the most effective way to dim LED installations - but at new competitive prices, they’re more accessible than ever. What’s more, with solutions ranging from 0-150W single point to 0-1000W multi point, we now offer a truly One Stop Shop for LED dimming.

We take a look at our new 0-150W product range, part of our market leading One Stop Shop for LED dimming.


ZGRIDLED150 is a compatible, versatile grid dimmer. As with every product in the Zano LED family, each ZGRIDLED150 comes with 9 grid adapters and includes all of Zano’s popular problem-solving features.


A simple to install module dimmer, ZMO150W will dim up to 150W of quality LED lamps without a hitch.


Unbeatable 0-150W dimming, straight out of the box. This plate mounted dimmer is available in a range of finishes and is perfect for retrofitting.

On the Job

Starting at 0W, these dimmers are perfect for low-loads such as those in small kitchens, hallways and closets. However, as they’re not limited to 10 lamps, contractors can comfortably utilise the full 150W range, making it perfect for larger rooms and small commercial.

Need to find the right product for your LED project? Our interactive product finder as the answer. Alternatively, our technical team are on hand to answer your questions: call us on 03455195858.

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From plate-mounted 0-150W single point control, to 0-1000W multipoint remote dimmers, Zano Controls has the answer to LED dimming