With our one stop shop for LED dimming, Zano have a solution for practically every project – but we know that finding the right product isn’t always easy. With common LED concerns like lamp limits, retrofit wiring and compatibility, it’s not as simple as recommending a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Luckily Zano’s technical team are here to help. We can liaise directly with your customers to support your branch – from checking lamp compatibility to fully specifying large projects – so that you can rest assured that your customer is getting the dimmer they need.

Here are three ways that we can help your customers get the LED dimmers they need – and secure your trade counter sale.

Step 1. Easy Product Finder

When recommending dimmers from your trade counter, our interactive Easy Product Finder is a good place to start. Simple answer a few questions about your customers project – including the number of controllers and the type of dimmer you need – and the finder will guide you to the product you need.

It’s also available as a flow chart to download and print here. Alternatively, flyers featuring the product finder can be requested as marketing collateral for your trade counter – call us on 0345 519 5858. 

Step 2. Compatibility advice

Unfortunately, not all LEDs are created equal. Even when it comes to big brand names and reputable manufacturers, LEDs can vary widely from model to model. Technical issues like inrush current and power factor can mean the wattage labelled on the box is, in fact, very different to the actual power consumed by the lamp.

You can read more about inrush and power factor here, but in the meantime, don’t leave your customers’ projects to chance. We can test lamps for compatibility with our dimmers – just call our technical team to discuss sending lamps to us for testing, free of charge.

Step 3. Full project specification

Our technical team can take care of project specifications on behalf of wholesalers every day, ensuring that your customers are sold the dimmers that will work with their LED project from the start. Nothing damages the wholesaler-customer relationship like a mis-sold product, especially on larger commercial or new build projects.

For project specifications, we recommend the right dimmer based on a detailed project specification and are able to test the lamps that will be used with our products to ensure full compatibility.

This results in a faster and simpler install for your customer, a better project finish and reduced returns for you.

Project Specifying: Boutique Hotel 

See our on the job example of how Zano products can be used to fulfil project specifications: click here for the full project overview.

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