Zano's one stop shop has the answer to most LED dimming needs - and our technical team help contractors specify projects every day. Here, we give an example of a project overview and the products that we might recommend. 

The Project

You are overhauling the lighting at a boutique hotel. You need a range of both single and multi-point LED dimming control for the Ballroom/Conference Hall, Foyer, Restaurant/Bar, and the bedroom suites.

Remember, this is an example only: project specification can differ depending on the lamps being used and any other site details.


Each room needs dimming from three points: by the door and either side of the bed.

Circuit contains:

  • 1 X 36W LED feature light
  • 6 X 6W LED fire-rated downlight
  • Total: 72W

Zano Solution: ZSMARTLED

  • 3 way dimming
  • 0-150W
  • Fits to twin and earth wiring
  • Perfect for retrofit


The room needs dimming from 9 different points: by each of the 4 entry point, from either side of the ‘stage’ area and from the foyer.

Circuit contains:

  • 36 x 6W LED downlights
  • 3 x 100W feature lights
  • Total: 516W

Zano solution: ZBARLED

  • Up to 32 points on a single circuit
  • 0-1000W
  • Remote dimming pack fits to twin and earth


A simple single-point module is needed to pair with a 100W circuit in the main foyer, with a second module needed in a small back office area. The smaller area has only two 4W downlights and has experienced some drop out issues with another dimmer.

Zano solution: ZMO150 X 2

As this dimmer starts at 0W, dropout isn’t an issue on smaller circuits.


Two distinct lighting sections are needed in one room: one for the bar area and one for the dining space. The bar has 12 x 6W downlights, the restaurant has a combination of 10 x 6W downlights and 4 LED feature lights, each 30W each.

Zano solution: ZGRIDLED150 in the bar, ZGRIDLED+ in the restaurant

  • 0-150W or 5-250W
  • Flicker-free & silent
  • Zano smart settings
  • Learns and adapts
  • Easy-fit installation
  • 9 grid adaptors
  • Available in black or white
  • Knob available in plastic, polished chrome and stainless steel


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